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Watch the Tram Car, Please

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Sunset Lake Jet Ski Rentals

My first-ever ride on a Jet Ski was around 1976 on Sunset Lake. I was 13 or 14 at the time, a lousy swimmer, and had almost zero experience on the water.

As I recall, Jet Ski rental was really big that summer, and we had to reserve days in advance. By the time our day rolled around, it was overcast and windy with occasional rain showers. Basically, it was a bad day to be on the water.

Still, my brother and I didn’t want to miss out, so our parents took is to Sunset Lake Rentals where we put on life jackets and got a quick briefing on how to operate our Jet Skis. It sounded pretty easy: get in the water behind the Jet Ski, hold the handle bars, give it some throttle and pull yourself up to a kneeling position. From there, just stand up and you’re on your way.

Yeah, right!

It wasn’t too hard getting to a kneeling position in shallow water, but once I started falling off the thing in deep water, getting back on was a lot more challenging. It was a blast riding, though. And what a feeling of accomplishment when I was finally able to stand (for all of 5 seconds).

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