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Wildwood NJ 1973

The Servis family heads to the longest beach in the world….Wildwood! A couple of items that stand out: All of us kids line up against the car like a scene from the Sound of Music…..not sure how dad got us to do that….maybe grams giving us the ol’ Italian horn sign. The stroller on top of the Galaxy500 car…well, let’s just say it get’s a taste of the AC expressway and never fully recovers. We still used it though, it wobbled down the boardwalk for rest of the week. The Neptune is just as I remembered it. I still remeber the pull out couch we used to sleep on and that beach house smell. It wasn’t bad, just unfamiliar, you knew youw eren’t home. I wonder how the Neptune looks these days. Ahhhh Wildwood….good times…..

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